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6 June 2021

Special air units aim to take out COVID-19


A GEELONG company is ready to start making next generation air disinfection systems that offer a new line of defence against COVID-19.

Using proven technologies in an advanced way to kill airborne viruses, the Katharsis units have been pitched to the federal government as a potential game changer for quarantine facilities.

The C6 Group says the units can bolt on to conventional heating, ventilation and cooling systems without overloading them.

The company’s air quality expert, Steve Atkinson, said that based on mechanical performance alone, without their additional UV light and nanotechnology virus-killing properties, the Katharsis units achieved best-in-class results.

Mr Atkinson said the mechanical performance delivered the equivalent of putting an N-95 face mask on an air conditioning system, a filtration upgrade conventional systems had previously not been able to achieve.

“What we have with this unit is a pre-filter to protect the system, then we have got UV lamps and special catalysts activated by the UV which capture and destroy the aerosol,” Mr Atkinson said.

Scientific testing is still under way but the company is confident it has a world-leading product that combines proven technologies with nanotechnology sourced from Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials that can defeat all airborne nasties, including COVID-19.

“This unit will take out airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi,” Mr Atkinson said.

“We have tuned it mainly for viruses, but if it kills the virus, it will kill the others as well.

“By combining it with the mechanical side, it’s basically something you can drop into an existing system and you don’t have to upgrade the rest of the system.”

He said by constantly filtering the air, the Katharsis units addressed the problems experienced in hotel quarantine, where viral loads built up and drifted into other spaces.

The C6 Group says other benefits of the units include eliminating odour and lowering carbon footprints by allowing heating, ventilation and cooling systems to operate more efficiently.

The C6 Group, an alliance between Geelong boutique engineering firm Workplace Alliance and GPS Electrical Services, is committed to making the units at its base in Corio.

Workplace Alliance managing director Wayne Allan said the company was ready to start limited production and could ramp up based on demand using a significant local supply chain.

The C6 Group is expecting to field domestic and international interest from major accommodation providers, residential and commercial property developers and cold storage and food processing companies.

It is accepting expressions of interest via:


David Cairns, Geelong Advertiser

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